The Concept

Handy Candy™ initially began through a discussion on ways to offer a convenient sized package of wholesome, flavorful, healthy products for consumers. Be it in the produce section, salad dressing isle or positioned near registers, from beginning to end the concept was intended to give retailers, as well as consumers, a flavorful product that is versatile and a value. Handy Candy™ has accomplished this task. The display ready containers essentially become the display, allowing retailers to easily position the product anywhere it is needed.

The Convenience

Handy Candy™ grape tomatoes make it easier and more convenient than ever for children, working professionals on the go or anyone looking for a healthy snack to enjoy in the sweet taste of Handy Candy.

 Just purchased your new product, Handy Candy Grape Tomatoes, at our local Winn Dixie. What a clever idea. I purchased one and ate it with my lunch. This concept is fantastic for children. Our granddaughter loves grape tomatoes and will just love the idea of having her own little container. She will also be able to take these handy containers to her day care and have a very healthy snack.
Diane Roberts

The Flavor

Handy Candy™ Grape Tomatoes are selected for the sweet “candy” flavor and are all conveniently packed in a 4 OZ. resealable biodegradable cup. They must pass our test for both flavor profile and BRIX (sweetness).

 My little girl has become obsessed with Handy Candy, and its finally a snack we can agree on! It has helped us greatly by providing a healthy snack option! AND we love the re-sealable lid that makes it a car friendly snack for our crazy schedule.
Lindsay Medlen

Our Product

Grape Tomatoes

Tomatoes are widely known for their outstanding antioxidant content, including their rich concentration of lycopene.

Choose Healthier

Handy Candy offers wholesome, flavorful, healthy products to ensure it's easy to make the right snack choice.  Our product boasts something for everyone to enjoy.