Handy Candy offers an innovative new way to enjoy the sweetness of a grape tomato with the introduction of its Handy Candy grape tomatoes all conveniently packed in a 4 OZ. resealable biodegradable cup. Currently being distributed at retailers across the United States and Canada via our distribution partners.

“The national launch of Handy Candy grape tomatoe makes it easier and more convenient than ever for children, working professionals on the go or anyone looking for a healthy snack to enjoy in the sweet taste of Handy Candy “Eat All Day At Work Or Play”. Rick Murrah VP of Sales for Flavor Pic located in Birmingham, AL. said “when our team developed this product we took everything into consideration. Brix levels of 7.5 or higher, smaller portion size so you could maximize value, biodegradable cup, the logo is “KID FRIENDLY” and lastly it’s priced perfectly”. This product is an ideal snack for everyone — especially young kids whose parents are looking for a healthy alternative to typical package snacks.
To ensure maximum quality and product consistency, Handy Candy has created top of the line product standards:

The cup and lid are entirely made from plant material & is eco-friendly
The cup size (net wt. 4oz) and shape lends itself to a variety of uses for the consumer

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